Why Barack Obama Prefers to Stay at a Hampton Inn

Barack Obama

Nothing sounds more exciting than staying in a luxury hotel room with all the finishing touches. But sometimes, you just want a simpler place to lay down your head.

And former President Barack Obama is no different, telling a group at a conference in Atlanta that sometimes he’d rather check in to a Hampton Inn than a fancy presidential suite, according to the Washington Post. And the reason is as relatable as any: the lights are simpler.

“Before I go to bed, [I] go from room to room to turn off all the lights, and there are a bunch of different lamps, and sometimes they hide where the light switches are because they want to make them look really cool,” Obama said at a conference hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council. “And it might take me 15 minutes to shut down, where if I was just in the Hampton Inn, there’s like one light switch, one bathroom door, and the bed, and the TV remote; I’m good.”

Source: Alison Fox | Travel + Leisure