How to Make Your Travel Clothes Pop on Instagram


Your setting informs your palette

Preparation is key to Instagram-worthy travel photos, said the fashion stylist Rasaan Wyzard. “I think ahead about my environment when I travel,” he said, “where I am going, and what I’m going to wear.”

Colors matter, and a short cut to standout photos is to choose clothes that contrast with your destination’s color scheme. For poolside photos, bright red, orange, white or hot pink are better choices for swimsuits or cover-ups than blue, to better stand out against the color of the water. For settings with warmer tones, like the brown of the desert or beach, try jewel tones, deep blues and whites.

Darker clothes will get lost in the lush greens and shadows of a forest. For a vacation in Bali, Mr. Wyzard said he was planning on wearing neon or a bright, printed shirt on a hike, “like I could be an exotic flower amongst the greenery.” [read more]

Source: Julie Weed – The New York Times

How to Make Your Travel Clothes Pop on Instagram