Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode Is Coming to iPhone

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Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode Has Gone Mobile

Google Assistant’s interpreter mode, which was previously exclusive to Google Home and Nest Home devices, is rolling out to Assistant-enabled smart devices on Android and iOS across the world beginning Thursday, December 12. The mode, which launched on smart devices in February 2019, provides a real-time translation into and from other languages. It can even read out the translated text, making it the perfect translation tool for overseas holidays. So if you’re headed abroad to avoid the frosty winter mornings, or are just planning ahead for your summer vacation, the Google Assistant is now an even more important part of your travel toolkit.

Using the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is basically the same as using it on a Google Home smart speaker. To get started, say “OK, Google, be my German translator,” or “OK, Google, help me speak Thai,” and then begin speaking. You’ll be able to see your words pop up on the phone as you speak, and Google will translate it when you’re done, playing it out loud for your recipient to hear. You’ll be able to translate back by tapping the microphone button while your companion is talking, and A.I.-selected smart replies may pop up after each translation, giving you quick answers. [read more]

Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode Is Coming to iPhone 1

Source: Mark Jansen | Digital Trends