Flights from New York to Rome starting from $257

New York to Rome

Cheap Flights from New York to Rome from $257 roundtrip

AIRLINE:  Brussels Airlines / United Airlines
DEAL:  Cheap Flights to Rome
PRICE:  from $257 roundtrip
ARRIVE:  Rome, Italy FCO
DATES:  March 2020

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About Rome

Rome (Italian: Roma), the Eternal City, is the capital and largest city of Italy and of the Lazio region. It is famous for being the home of the ancient Roman Empire, the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita (the sweet life), the Vatican City and Three Coins in the Fountain. Rome, as a millennia-long center of power, culture (having been the cradle of one of the globe’s greatest civilizations ever) and religion, has exerted a huge influence over the world in its roughly 2800 years of existence.

The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With wonderful palaces, thousand-year-old churches, grand Romantic ruins, opulent monuments, ornate statues, and graceful fountains, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it one of Europe’s and the world’s most visited, famous, influential and beautiful capitals. Today, Rome has a growing nightlife scene and is also seen as a shopping heaven, being regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world. [read more]