Fly Worry-Free To South America With Avianca BioCare

Avianca BioCare

Fly Worry-Free with Avianca BioCare

Avianca Airlines complies with the biosecurity measures required by different governments so you can have peace of mind throughout your trip.

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What are the care and protection protocols that Avianca will be implementing?

Avianca Airlines is applying new and improved biosecurity standards in accordance with the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Visit Avianca BioCare to learn about the biosafety protocols.

What are the inflight measures being taken?

Avianca aircraft have cabin air systems quipped with filters that have a performance similar to that of hospital operating rooms or industrial clean rooms. These filters are effective in capturing 99.97% of airborne microbes. In addition, the cabin air system delivers approximately 50% outside air and 50% filtered and recirculated air, meaning that the air supplied is essentially sterile.

Will I be able to carry hand luggage onboard?

The Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia does not permit passengers to transport hand luggage in the cabin, only small bags or backpacks that can be stored under the seat.

How will the plane be boarded?

Both boarding and disembarking will be by rows, guided by the crew to ensure order and proper distance. We recommend you to be very attentive to your instructions and not to get up until your row is called.

Can I travel if I have positive test for COVID-19?

You will not be able to travel if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

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