Enjoy Seamless International Travel COVID-19 Testing Compliance with United and Abbott Partnership

International Travel COVID-19 Testing Compliance

United’s Travel Ready Center Integration with Abbott’s NAVICA App Provides Seamless International Travel COVID-19 Testing Compliance

United and Abbott Partnership

United and Abbott have announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration to use Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Home Test and Abbott’s NAVICA app to help make the international travel experience more seamless. Recently updated CDC guidelines permit travelers to self-administer a rapid antigen test under the real-time supervision of a telehealth service and use the verified negative test result to board an international flight to the United States with a negative test.

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CDC Guidance

“We appreciate the private sector proactively helping travelers have access to easy, reliable COVID-19 test options,” said CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH. “Comprehensive testing that is easy, rapid, accurate, and trusted is a fundamental strategy for preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

International Travel COVID-19 Testing Compliance

United customers can depart the United States with the BinaxNOW Home Test in their carry-on bag and administer the test via the eMed digital health platform while overseas, avoiding the need to find a testing center abroad. United is the only airline to offer end-to-end integration between a digital platform and a testing app with the integration between the United Travel Ready Center platform and Abbott’s NAVICA app which provides a seamless passenger experience when departing and re-entering the United States.

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Travel-Ready Center

Since the Travel-Ready Center launched in January, United customers have been able to easily access testing or vaccine requirements needed for travel destinations, upload completed test results and vaccine records, as well as have them verified, all within the United app.

BinaxNOW Home Test

The BinaxNOW Home Test kit is lightweight, about the size of a day planner, and fits easily into a passenger’s carry-on luggage, briefcase, or purse. It is recommended that passengers travel with more than one BinaxNOW test in their possession in the event of an inconclusive test result.

For a detailed description of the Abbott home-testing process, visit united.emed.com.

The Abbott BinaxNOW™ Home Test meets the CDC’s guidance due to the unique digital proctor experience through eMed, which provides observed sample collection, testing, and digitally verified test results. Abbott’s recently authorized BinaxNOW™ Self Test for over-the-counter purchase is not eligible for travel purposes.

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