Enjoy Business Class Flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina from $1273

Business Class Flights to Buenos Aires

Avianca Business Class Flights to Buenos Aires starting at $1273 roundtrip

Airline: Avianca
Special Offer: Business Class Flights to Buenos Aires
Airfare: $1273
Class: Business Class
Origination City: New York JFK
Arrival City: Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE)
Stay: 5+ Days
Travel Period: late Fall (example below)
Sale Period: while available
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About Buenos Aires

Tolerant, cosmopolitan and safe, Buenos Aires is considered a cultural magnet in Latin America, where people from all walks of life feel welcome and the streets buzz with a blend of languages. Take in some futbol (soccer), try your hand at the tango or dig into the best-grilled meats on the planet, for less than 10 bucks. It’s all possible in this city on the water.

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic. The name means fair winds or literally good airs in Spanish. It is one of the largest cities in Latin America, with a lot of cultural offerings, and is the point of departure for traveling to the rest of the country. Inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called porteños, “people from the port”, implying that many of the inhabitants are immigrants in some way or another. Buenos Aires is a singular, open, and integrating destination that allows the visitor not only to view the city but also to have an exceptional urban adventure.

Buenos Aires is a lively city that only seems to slow down slightly on Sundays. The city has a comprehensive subway system that runs from early morning until around 10 or 11 at night, plus hundreds of bus lines that run 24/7, so you’ll never find the streets completely empty. The locals tend to be night-owls, eating dinner late, even on weekdays, and staying out until sunrise on the weekends.

Buenos Aires also has one of the largest homosexual communities in Latin America and there is a receptive attitude towards gay society in the federal law, same-sex marriages are legally performed and recognized in Argentinian federal law. In recent years there has been an increase in gay-oriented businesses such as real estate, apartment rental, travel agents, language classes, tango classes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses. Learn More

Buenos Aires Activities

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