Flights from New York to Tel Aviv now $442 on TAP Portugal

Flights from New York to Tel Aviv

Cheap Flights from New York to Tel Aviv, Israel

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Airline: TAP Portugal
Special Offer: Flights from New York to Tel Aviv
Airfare: from $442 roundtrip
Class: Economy
Origination City: New York Newark EWR
Arrival City: Tel Aviv–Yafo TLV
Stay: Saturday night stay required
Travel Period: excludes December holiday period
Sale Period: while available

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About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s character is frequently contrasted to that of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is depicted as the city “that never stops,” a thriving, vibrant, modern, dynamic, and multicultural city, one generally characterized as tolerant, secular, and liberal, while also materialistic and hedonistic—a city of the present, lacking deep historical roots.

Jerusalem, by contrast, is seen as eternal and holy, conservative, and an arena for major conflicts within Israeli society, including that between Israelis and Palestinians. It has been said by some that “while Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays.

In July 2003 Tel Aviv-Yafo was declared a cultural UNESCO World Heritage site for the many “International” style (also known as Bauhaus) buildings built in the city during the 1930s-50s. As this style emphasized simplicity and the white color, Tel Aviv is also called the White City.

While Jerusalem is Israel’s capital city, Tel Aviv is the economic and cultural center. It is known as “the city that doesn’t stop” and you will find that the nightlife and culture are on around the clock.

In summer it is not unusual to see the beach boardwalk bustling with people at 4 AM and the clubs and bars usually pick up around midnight until morning, giving Tel Aviv a well-deserved reputation of being a party town. learn more


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