Lufthansa Adds Sleeper’s Row To Economy Class On Long Haul Flights

Sleeper's Row

Sleeper’s Row available on Lufthansa flights to São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Singapore

As of 2 August 2021, Lufthansa passengers traveling in Economy Class to São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Singapore will have the option of booking a Sleeper’s Row at check-in or gate before their flight. For a fee between 159 and 229 euros ($189 – $272) per flight, passengers will receive an entire row of seats for themselves (three or four adjacent seats) for the entire duration of the flight. A total of Sleeper’s Rows will be available per flight and advanced reservations will not be offered.

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Sleeper’s Row Benefits

Sleeper’s Rows come with Business Class quality pillows, blankets, and mattress toppers along with a special seat belt that remains fastened when the passenger is lying down. In addition, passengers who book a Sleeper’s Row also benefit from pre-boarding.

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Which Routes?

Lufthansa will offer the Sleeper’s Row on long-haul flights of eleven hours or more, such as routes from Germany to Southeast Asia, the United States’ west coast, Central and South America, or southern Africa.

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