FAA to investigate: Are airliner seats too snug for safety?

airliner seats

We’re getting bigger, and they’re getting smaller, and if it’s hard to get out of your seat, it’s hard to get out of the plane

As airlines shrink seat widths and legroom, the FAA is ready to investigate whether shrinking space on airliners is becoming a safety risk.

After pushes from groups such as American Airlines’ flight attendants union, FAA Deputy Administrator Daniel Elwell said the agency will hold tests in November on seat sizes and how they affect the evacuation of commercial aircraft in emergencies.

“We have 12 days of planned testing in November with 720 live bodies and the collection of 3,000 data points,” Elwell said during questioning over airliner seats at a House aviation subcommittee meeting last week.

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Source: providencejournal.com


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