TSA wait times: These airports have the shortest and longest lines

TSA wait times:

When it comes to keeping the security lines moving, some U.S. airports are simply better than others. And it pays to know which ones are most likely to hold you up with TSA wait times, especially if you’re not enrolled in TSA Precheck.

In a study by Upgraded Points analyzing the busiest 25 airports in the U.S., Newark is the clear loser, keeping travelers in security lines the longest. It suffers the worst average TSA waiting time, at 23 minutes, as well as the longest maximum waiting time: a full hour on Mondays at mid-day.

On the other end of the wait rankings, the average wait time at Salt Lake City, at nine minutes, is the only airport where the average wait is below 10 minutes. Its average maximum wait is also among the lowest.

Source: Ed Perkins | USA Today / Smarter Travel

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