Two of the 2019 Best Bathrooms in America are in airports

best bathrooms in America

Yes, LaGuardia has one of the best bathrooms in America. Really!

Public bathrooms are unequivocally awful: They’re dirty. They’re smelly. And generally, the only way to deal with them is to do your business as quickly as possible and get out. Perhaps the worst offenders among all of them are airport toilets, which tend to be extra crowded and feel extra grimy.

But shockingly, the finalists for an annual competition to find the best bathrooms in America includes two bathrooms at airports: at Seattle’s Sea-Tac, and even more surprisingly, at New York City’s LaGuardia (see above). Yes, you read that correctly: These two airport bathrooms are up for consideration as the best bathroom in the United States. Why? For the most part, because they’re designed to help you avoid touching as many surfaces as possible. [read more]

Source: Fast Company


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